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The Curious Case of Gerhard Kittel

By Kate Daley-Bailey On June 1st, 1933, New Testament Professor and Christian theologian, Dr. Gerhard Kittel (picture to the left) delivered a speech entitled Die Judenfrage, “The Jewish Question,” which was later published in a 78 page booklet. In Die … Continue reading

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Hitler’s Mythographer

By Kate Daley-Bailey Goring, Goebbels, Hitler, Himmler, Hess, and… Rosenberg?  The first five men listed here might easily be recognized as the architects of the infamous Third Reich, whose atrocities still haunt European history. Rosenberg, however, is less well known. … Continue reading

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This Week in Religion: Judge Moore Strikes Back, White Pentecostals for Obama, if Tebow were Gay, and the Football Solstice.

In Alabama, Roy Moore is once again running for State Supreme Court Justice (he was removed from office in November 2003, after refusing to follow a federal judge’s ruling and take down a monument to the Ten Commandments placed outside … Continue reading

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Semiotics and Subjectivity in the Tibetan Buddhist Sand Painting Ritual

By Tim Murphy What is this?  Among other things, it is a semiotic system that structures and defines subjectivity, experience, and agency.  If we read what we may call the “mandala situation” by means of the heuristic of semiotic theory, … Continue reading

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Paranormal Phenomena and Religious Experience

As a scholar of religion I employ a materialist or naturalist method, one which takes accounts of paranormal phenomena or religious experience as mere data to be explained (even explained away). Other scholars, however, are interested in exploring paranormal phenomena; a … Continue reading

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This Week in Religion

Stop the presses! This just in: a new study in the journal Science has concluded that religion sustains intra-group trust and cooperation as well as inter-group conflicts. In slightly more interesting research, a study at Queen’s University found that subjects … Continue reading

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Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance in the Classroom

Throughout my undergraduate and masters degrees, and through six years of full-time adjunct teaching in Religious Studies and Philosophy, I had the very good fortune to study with, and serve under, one of the top teachers in the field, Tim … Continue reading

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