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Religion Snapshots: Jesus’ Got a Gun

Religion Snapshots is a feature with the Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog, where a number of contributors are asked to briefly comment on popular news items or pressing theoretical issues in the field, especially those topics relating to definitions, classification … Continue reading

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Facebooking for Scholarship

by Craig Martin My Facebook friends often say that serious academic conversations can’t take place on Facebook. Apparently the limitations of the format are limited such that substantive engagement is difficult if not impossible. However, I’m not entirely persuaded. If … Continue reading

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Liberal Doxa and the Burning of the Qur’an

By Matt Sheedy Much ado has been made over the recent Qur’an burning at the Bagram air base in Afghanistan, and the ensuing riots that took approximately 34 lives, with mainstream narratives falling along the familiar liberal and conservative lines. … Continue reading

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On the Benefits of Facebook

Many of us use Facebook for fun, to keep in touch with friends and family across the world, or to distribute propaganda that reflects our political preferences. I use it for these reasons, but also because it helps me with … Continue reading

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