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Let’s Talk “Religion”: A Politically and Culturally Embedded Product

By Philip L. Tite The following is the editorial introduction to the most recent issue of the Bulletin for the Study of Religion (43.1, February 2014). We offer this introduction here in order to give readers of the Bulletin’s blog a sense … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: Between “Church” and “Sect”

By Ben Brazil A month ago, when the Occupy movement was beginning to gain traction, Matt Stoller penned an influential response to criticism about the movement’s lack of a clear, concise message.  The critics, he wrote, had failed to notice … Continue reading

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Durkheim Disappoints

Upon rereading the main body of Durkheim’s Division of Labor in Society I was struck at how subtle and sophisticated he is. I thought I had remembered—from my previous experience with this material—that he used a superficial freedom/constraint binary. However, as … Continue reading

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