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General Information Relevant to all our Journals:

Information for Contributors

To submit an article, go to the home page of the relevant journal and click on Information For Authors at the top of each page. We are introducing an online submission system for all our journals from February 2007

Online Information

From 2007 all Equinox Journals will be available online and in print. The Online versions will be hosted on this site from February 2007. Not all back issues will be available on line. See For Libraries page for details.

How to Subscribe to a Journal
You can subscribe online through this web site. Go to the home page of the journal you want to order and click on Subscriptions (or contact

Customer Service Problems
See the Customer Service page on this web site

How to Submit a Proposal for a New Journal?

Communicate with Janet Joyce at

Interested in our Services for an Existing Journal?

Communicate with Janet Joyce at


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