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Sheffield Archaeological Monographs (John Collis)
Edited by: John Collis

This international series provides a forum for publication of high quality and innovative studies in the field of archaeology, prehistory and archaeological science. It covers a wide range of topics including regional studies, surveys, excavation reports and methodological studies.

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Enclosing the Past (January 2007)
Inside and Outside in Prehistory (Volume 15)
Edited by: Anthony Harding, Susanne Sievers, Natalie Venclová

Society and Settlement in Iron Age Europe (January 2002)
Actes du XVIIIe Colloque de l'AFEAF, Winchester (April 1994)
Edited by: John Collis

The Neolithisation of Denmark (January 2002)
Edited by: Anders Fischer, Kristian Kristiansen

Wics (January 2002)
The Early Medieval Trading Centres of Northern Europe
Edited by: David Hill, Robert Cowie

The Future of Surface Artefact Survey in Europe (January 2000)
Edited by: John Bintliff, Martin Kuna

Barrows in the Peak District (January 1996)
Recent Research
Edited by: John Barnatt, John Collis

Development and Decline in the Mediterranean Bronze Age (January 1994)
Clay Mathers, Simon Stoddart

The Southern Ghors and Northeast 'Arabah Archaeological Survey (January 1992)
Burton Macdonald

Crop Husbandry Regimes (January 1992)
An Archaeological Study of Farming in Northern England, 1000 BC - AD 500
Marijke Van der Veen

Early Edom and Moab (January 1992)
The Beginning of the Iron Age in Southern Jordan
Edited by: Piotr Bienkowski

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