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Comparative Islamic Studies
Edited by: Brannon Wheeler

This series is a companion to the Comparative Islamic Studies journal. It publishes work that integrates Islamic studies into the contemporary study of religion, providing an opportunity for expert scholars of Islam to demonstrate the more general significance of their research both to comparatavists and to specialists working in other areas. Attention to Islamic materials from outside the central Arabic lands is of special interest, as are comparisons that stress the diversity of Islam as it interacts with changing human conditions.

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The Arabs and the Scramble for Africa (October 2014)
John C. Wilkinson

East by Mid-East (October 2013)
Studies in Cultural, Historical and Strategic Connectivities
Edited by: Anchi Hoh, Brannon Wheeler

The Qurʾān (April 2013)
A New Annotated Translation
A. J. Droge

Prophecy and Power (August 2012)
Muhammad and the Qur’an in the Light of Comparison
Marilyn Robinson Waldman
Edited by: Bruce B. Lawrence, Robert M. Baum, Lindsay Jones

Ibn 'Arabi and the Contemporary West (January 2012)
Beshara and the Ibn 'Arabi Society
Isobel Jeffery-Street

Orientalists, Islamists and the Global Public Sphere (December 2011)
A Genealogy of the Modern Essentialist Image of Islam
Dietrich Jung

Prolegomena to a History of Islamicate Manichaeism (November 2011)
John C. Reeves

Earth, Empire and Sacred Text (April 2010)
Muslims and Christians as Trustees of Creation
David L. Johnston

Notes from the Fortune-Telling Parrot (December 2008)
Islam and the Struggle for Religious Pluralism in Pakistan
David Pinault

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