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Discussions in Functional Approaches to Language
Edited by: Robin Fawcett

The books in this series are mainly addressed to teachers, researchers and postgraduate students of language in universities and colleges - i.e. the authors’ fellow scholars - though some will be equally suitable for bright undergraduate readers. The books will be readable but scholarly. They will be short (i.e. around 200 pages), and they will all be published in paperback - so ensuring a flow of lively books on central topics in functional linguistics that are within the financial reach of the intended readership.

The purpose of the series is to meet the current need for a forum for contributions to discussions of theoretical issues in functional approaches to language that are too long for publication in a journal. It will also welcome descriptions of areas of language that are longer - and so more adequate - than what can be fitted into the normal length of a journal paper. This series complements the series Advances in Cognitive Linguistics (also published by Equinox), but we would emphasize that it welcomes works that are both functional and oriented to the cognitive aspects of language use.

Books in the series are expected to place a strong emphasis on giving the reasons for preferring the theory or the description that is advocated to existing alternatives. We expect that the tone of debate will be courteous - i.e. that an author will show an appropriate knowledge and appreciation of the work of other scholars whose work is relevant to the matter under discussion, while stating clearly the reasons for taking a partially - and sometimes wholly - different position.

Books in the series may therefore present and discuss (i) a new or established topic in linguistic theory, or (ii) a new description of an area of language, or (iii) both. They may also offer a critique of a previously published work of either theory or description (or both). But in all cases authors should also survey any relevant alternative approaches, and say which approach they see as the most promising one. Books in this series will therefore give reasons for preferring one position to another, rather than simply describing a position - as in all good discussions.

Potential authors should contact the series editor to request guidelines for making a proposal at fawcett@cardiff.ac.uk.

Editorial Board:
John Bateman (University of Bremen)
Joan Bybee (University of New Mexico)
Huang Guowen (Sun Yat-sen University)
Lachlan Mackenzie (Free University of Amsterdam)
Jim Martin (University of Sydney)
Jan Nuyts (University of Antwerp)
Mick Short (Lancaster University)
Anna Siewierska (Lancaster University)
Anne-Marie Simon Vandenbergen (Ghent University)
Michael Stubbs (University of Trier)
Gordon Tucker (Cardiff University)
Robert van Valin (University of New York at Buffalo)

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Gramática Funcional del Español en los EE.UU. (November 2015)
María Cecelia Colombi

Process Types and Participant Roles in the English Clause (September 2015)
A New Systemic Functional Approach
Amy Neale

Grammatical Metaphor as a Construction Type (July 2015)
A Semiotic-Functional Model
Miriam Taverniers

Conjunctive Relations in Discourse (July 2015)
A Tri-functional Study of Six English Registers
Geoff Thompson

An Integrative Architecture for Systemic Functional Linguistics and Other Theories of Language (June 2015)
Robin Fawcett

A Multimodal Analysis of Picture Books for Children (October 2014)
A Systemic Functional Approach
Arsenio Jesús Moya Guijarro

The Structure of Modern Irish (July 2012)
A Functional Account
Brian Nolan

English Tense and Aspect in Halliday's Systemic Functional Grammar (January 2009)
A Critical Appraisal and an Alternative
Carl Bache

The Development of Scientific Writing (December 2008)
Linguistic Features and Historical Context
David Banks

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