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Frameworks for Writing
Edited by: Martha C. Pennington

The Frameworks for Writing series offers books focused on writing and the teaching and learning of writing in educational and real-life contexts. The hallmark of the series is the application of approaches and techniques to writing and the teaching of writing that go beyond those of English literature to draw on and integrate writing with other disciplines, areas of knowledge, and contexts of everyday life. The series entertains proposals for textbooks as well as books for teachers, teacher educators, parents, and the general public. The list includes teacher reference books and student textbooks focused on innovative pedagogy aiming to prepare teachers and students for the challenges of the 21st century.

If you would like to propose a book in the Frameworks for Writing series, consult the Equinox proposal guidelines in another section of this website and then submit your proposal by email to the Series Editor, Professor Martha C. Pennington at the following address:

Email: marthap17022@yahoo.com

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Seriously Creative Writing (October 2016)
Stylistic Strategies in Non-Fictional Writing
Sky Marsen

Writing from the Inside (September 2016)
The Power of Reflective Writing in the Classroom
Olivia Archibald, Maureen Hall

Arting, Writing, and Culture (September 2016)
Teaching to the 4th Power
Anna Sumida, Meleanna Meyer, Miki Maeshiro

Becoming a Teacher Who Writes (July 2016)
Let Teaching be your Writing Muse
Nancy Gorrell

Welcome to My World (May 2016)
A Writing Course
Martha C. Pennington, Theresa Malphrus Welford

Creativity and Discovery in the University Writing Class (November 2015)
A Teacher's Guide
Edited by: Alice Chik, Tracey Costley, Martha C. Pennington

Academic Writing Step by Step (January 2015)
A Research-based Approach
Christopher N Candlin, Peter Crompton, Basil Hatim

Reflective Writing for Language Teachers (October 2012)
Thomas S. C. Farrell

Writing Poetry through the Eyes of Science (January 2012)
A Teacher's Guide to Scientific Literacy and Poetic Response
Nancy Gorrell with Erin Colfax

Tend your Garden (January 2012)
Nurturing Motivation in Young Adolescent Writers
Mary Anna Kruch

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