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Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies Monographs

The Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies promotes teaching and research into all Buddhist traditions, as found in texts and in societies, and is equally open to the study of Buddhism by methods associated with the humanities (philology, philosophy, history) and the social sciences (anthropology, sociology, politics). It insists only on using sources in their original languages and on aiming at the highest scholarly standards.

Titles in the series published by Routledge:

Ronkin, Noa Early Buddhist Metaphysics: the making of a philosophical tradition (2005)

Phuntsho, Karma Mipham’s Dialectics and the Debates on Emptiness: to be, not to be, or neither (2005)

Gombrich, Richard F. How Buddhism Began: the conditioned genesis of the early teachings 2nd ed. (2005)

Shaw, Sarah Buddhist Meditation: an anthology of texts from the Pali Canon (2006)

Tuladhar-Douglas, Will Remaking Buddhism from Medieval Nepal: the fifteenth-century reformation of Newar Buddhism (2007)

Roberts, Peter Alan The Biographies of Rechungpa: the evolution of a Tibetan hagiography (2007)

Hwang, Soon-il Metaphor and Literalism in Buddhism: the doctrinal history of nirvana (2006)

Wynne, Alexander The Origin of Buddhist Meditation (2007)

Kuan, Tse-fu Mindfulness in Early Buddhism: new approaches through psychology and textual analysis, of Pali, Chinese and Sanskrit sources (2007)

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Buddhist Monks and the Politics of Lanka's Civil War (October 2014)
Ethnoreligious Nationalism of the Sinhala Saṅgha and Peacemaking in Sri Lanka, 1995-2010
Suren Rāghavan

How Buddhism Acquired a Soul on the Way to China (April 2012)
Jungnok Park

Sermon of One Hundred Days (May 2010)
Part One
Venerable Seongcheol
Edited by: Linda Covill

What the Buddha Thought (August 2009)
Richard Gombrich

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