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Equinox English Linguistics and ELT
Edited by: Anthony Baldry & Paul J. Thibault

The fields of English linguistics and ELT (English Language Teaching) are currently being reshaped and refocused in the light of recent developments in digital and Internet technologies, virtual realities, multimodality, new media, linguistic and multimodal corpora, and intercultural communication. These new meaning-making resources are impacting and changing the experiences of the teaching and learning of English in many diverse situations and communities of practice throughout the world. Equinox English Linguistics and ELT responds to the needs of theorists and practitioners who are attempting to critically reflect on, and contribute to, these developments by linking theory to classroom practice.

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The Multimodal Analysis of Online Newspapers (September 2015)
Developing Analytical Skills and Project Work with Students
Mariavita Cambria, Rosalba Rizzo

Public Information Films (September 2015)
Multimodal, Cross-Cultural and Evolutionary Aspects
Anthony Baldry, Deirdre Kantz

Virtual Worlds for Learning and Teaching (September 2015)
Applications of Distributed Language
Dongping Zheng

Web-based Concordancing and Annotation (September 2015)
Self-access Project Work and Syllabus Construction through Structured Web Explorations
Anthony Baldry, Francesca Coccetta

Handbook for Children's Digital Literacy (September 2015)
Edited by: Maria Grazia Sindoni, Ivana Marenzi, Rosella Gennari

Exploring New Paths in Language Pedagogy (December 2010)
Lexis and Corpus-Based Language Teaching
Edited by: María Moreno Jaén, Fernando Serrano Valverde, María Calzada Pérez

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