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Prince (June 2017)
Annie Potts

Encyclopedia of Film Music and Sound (December 2016)
Volume 1: Frameworks and Textuality, Volume 2: Process and Production, Volume 3: People, Place and Representation
Edited by: Mark Evans

Medieval Europe Around the North Sea (October 2016)
Brian Ayers

Writing, Reading and Language (October 2016)
Craig Hancock

Thunder in their Hearts (July 2016)
South African Jazz in Britain
Francis Gooding

Burial Practices in Ancient Israel and the Neighboring Cultures (c. 1500-330 BCE) (June 2016)
Archaeology, Texts and their Correlation
Jürg Hutzli, Stefan Münger

The Power of Language (December 2015)
How Discourse Influences Society
Second Edition
Lynne Young, Michael Fitzgerald, Saira Fitzgerald

Egyptian Religion (December 2015)
Greek and Latin Sources in Translation
Edited by: Boyo Ockinga, Ian Plant

A Multimodal Approach to Classroom Discourse (December 2015)
Kay O'Halloran

The Dictionary Wars (December 2015)
The Struggle for Language from the Birth of the Enlightenment to the French Revolution
David Eick

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