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Geoarchaeology and the Environment (July 2015)
Ancient Answers for Modern Problems
Edited by: Russell B. Adams, John Grattan

Textbook Gods (September 2014)
Genre, Text and Teaching Religious Studies
Edited by: Bengt-Ove Andreassen, James R. Lewis

Understanding Allomorphy (January 2015)
Perspectives from Optimality Theory
Edited by: Eulŕlia Bonet, Maria-Rosa Lloret, Joan Mascaró

Systemic Phonology (September 2014)
Recent Studies in English
Edited by: Wendy L. Bowcher, Bradley A. Smith

Creativity and Discovery in the University Writing Class (November 2015)
A Teacher's Guide
Edited by: Alice Chik, Tracey Costley, Martha C. Pennington

Morality in Practice (July 2015)
Exploring Childhood, Parenthood and Schooling in Everyday Life
Edited by: Jakob Cromdal, Michael Tholander

Genre Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (November 2014)
Theory and Application in U.S. Classrooms and Contexts
Edited by: Luciana de Oliveira, Joshua Iddings

Methods for the Study of Religious Change (September 2014)
From Religious Studies to Worldview Studies
Edited by: André Droogers, Anton van Harskamp

Encyclopedia of Film Music and Sound (December 2016)
Volume 1: Frameworks and Textuality, Volume 2: Process and Production, Volume 3: People, Place and Representation
Edited by: Mark Evans

Sounding Funny (September 2015)
Sound and Comedy Cinema
Edited by: Mark Evans, Philip Hayward

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