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A Multimodal Analysis of Picture Books for Children (November 2014)
A Systemic Functional Approach
Arsenio Jesús Moya Guijarro

A Multimodal Approach to Classroom Discourse (December 2015)
Kay O'Halloran

Academic Writing Step by Step (January 2015)
A Research-based Approach
Christopher N Candlin, Peter Crompton, Basil Hatim

An Integrative Architecture for Systemic Functional Linguistics and Other Theories of Language (June 2015)
Robin Fawcett

Arting, Writing, and Culture (September 2016)
Teaching to the 4th Power
Anna Sumida, Meleanna Meyer, Miki Maeshiro

Becoming a Teacher Who Writes (July 2016)
Let Teaching be your Writing Muse
Nancy Gorrell

Biography and Presence in Late New Kingdom Egypt (July 2015)
Elizabeth Frood

Buddhist Monks and the Politics of Lanka's Civil War (October 2014)
Ethnoreligious Nationalism of the Sinhala Saṅgha and Peacemaking in Sri Lanka, 1995-2010
Suren Rāghavan

Burial Practices in Ancient Israel and the Neighboring Cultures (c. 1500-330 BCE) (June 2016)
Archaeology, Texts and their Correlation
Jürg Hutzli, Stefan Münger

Citadel and Cemetery in Early Bronze Age Anatolia (November 2014)
(Volume 13)
Christoph Bachhuber

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