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Lay Buddhism and Spirituality (August 2014)
From Vimalakīrti to the Nenbutsu Masters
Edited by: Michael Pye

Entanglements (August 2014)
Marking Place in the Field of Religion
Russell T. McCutcheon

The Archaeology of Medieval Spain, 1100-1500 (July 2014)
Edited by: Magdalena Valor, Avelino Gutiérrez

On Biology, History and Culture in Human Language (May 2014)
A Critical Overview
Juan-Carlos Moreno, José-Luis Mendívil-Giró

A Student's Guide to the History and Philosophy of Yoga (April 2014)
Revised edition
Peter Connolly

Falco and Beyond (April 2014)
Neo Nothing Post of All
Ewa Mazierska

An Introduction to English Sentence Structure (March 2014)
Clauses, Markers, Missing Elements
Jon Jonz

An Unholy Row (March 2014)
Jazz in Britain and its Audience, 1945-1960
Dave Gelly

Developing Systemic Functional Linguistics (March 2014)
Theory and Application
Edited by: Fang Yan, Jonathan J. Webster

Jazz Me Blues (March 2014)
The Autobiography of Chris Barber
Chris Barber with Alyn Shipton

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