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Biblical Studies

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Burial Practices in Ancient Israel and the Neighboring Cultures (c. 1500-330 BCE) (June 2016)
Archaeology, Texts and their Correlation
Jürg Hutzli, Stefan Münger
Series: The Worlds of the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean

Distant Views of the Holy Land (September 2014)
Felicity Cobbing, David Jacobson

Iconic Books and Texts (May 2013)
Edited by: James W. Watts

Prolegomena to a History of Islamicate Manichaeism (November 2011)
John C. Reeves
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies

A History of Pottery and Potters in Ancient Jerusalem (September 2005)
Excavations by K.M. Kenyon in Jerusalem 1961-1967
H. J. Franken

Myth and Politics in Ancient Near Eastern Historiography (August 2004)
Mario Liverani
Edited by: Zainab Bahrani, Marc Van De Mieroop
Series: Studies in Egyptology and the Ancient Near East

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