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Cognitive Studies

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Functional Dimensions of Ape-Human Discourse (November 2005)
Edited by: James D. Benson, William S. Greaves
Series: Functional Linguistics

The Cognitive Linguistics Reader (November 2007)
Edited by: Vyvyan Evans, Benjamin K. Bergen, Jörg Zinken

Language, Cognition and Space (June 2010)
The State of the Art and New Directions
Edited by: Vyvyan Evans, Paul Chilton

Imagistic Traditions in the Graeco-Roman World (June 2009)
A Cognitive Modeling of History of Religious Research
Edited by: Luther H. Martin, Panayotis Pachis
Series: Vanias Editions

Aspects of Cognitive Ethnolinguistics (October 2009)
Jerzy Bartmiński
Edited by: Jörg Zinken

Suffixal Rivalry in Adjective Formation (April 2007)
A Cognitive-Corpus Analysis
Zeki Hamawand

Enculturation Processes in Primary Language Acquisition (July 2013)
Anna Dina L. Joaquin

Language and Representation (July 2015)
A Socio-Naturalistic Approach to Human Development (Second edition)
Chris Sinha

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