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Religious Studies

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Beyond Meditation (May 2011)
Expressions of Japanese Shin Buddhist Spirituality
Edited by: Michael Pye
Series: Eastern Buddhist Voices

Buddhism and Ireland (October 2013)
From the Celts to the Counter-Culture and Beyond
Laurence Cox

Buddhist Temples of Kyōto and Kamakura (November 2013)
Beatrice Lane Suzuki
Edited by: Michael Pye
Series: Eastern Buddhist Voices

Celestial India (January 2012)
Madame Blavatsky and the Birth of Indian Nationalism
Isaac Lubelsky

Charming Beauties and Frightful Beasts (October 2013)
Non-Human Animals in South Asian Myth, Ritual and Folklore
Edited by: Fabrizio M. Ferrari, Thomas Dähnhardt

Claiming Identity in the Study of Religion (September 2015)
Social and Rhetorical Techniques Examined
Edited by: Monica R. Miller
Series: Culture on the Edge: Studies in Identity Formation

Death's Dominion (April 2015)
Power, Identity and Memory at the Fourth-Century Martyr Shrine
Nathaniel J. Morehouse
Series: Studies in Ancient Religion and Culture

Earth, Empire and Sacred Text (April 2010)
Muslims and Christians as Trustees of Creation
David L. Johnston
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies

East by Mid-East (October 2013)
Studies in Cultural, Historical and Strategic Connectivities
Edited by: Anchi Hoh, Brannon Wheeler
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies

Egyptian Religion (December 2015)
Greek and Latin Sources in Translation
Edited by: Boyo Ockinga, Ian Plant

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