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Individual Differences and Processing Instruction Individual Differences and Processing Instruction
Edited by: James F. Lee, Alessandro G. Benati
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This collection of essays builds on the authors’ previous work and aims to open an additional branch of research in processing instruction, and to stimulate further research. This is the first collection of studies that empirically addresses the role that individual differences, such as age, gender, and native language background, might play in the results generated by processing instruction.


Section I: Theoretical Issues
1: Individual Differences in Instructed Second Language Learning: Working Memory, Aptitude and Age Differences
Alessandro Benati

2: Foci and General Findings of Research on Processing Instruction: Moving Beyond Limitations
James Lee

Section II: Empirical Studies
3: The Effects of Language Background on the Results of Processing Instruction on the Spanish Subjunctive/Indicative Contrast after the Adverb Cuando
James Lee and Erin M. McNulty, Dickinson College, USA

4: Age and the Effects of Processing Instruction on the Acquisition of English Passive Constructions among School Children and Adults Native Speakers of Turkish
Alessandro Benati

5: The Age Factor on the Primary, Secondary and Cumulative Transfer-of-Training Effects of Processing Instruction on the Acquisition of French as a Second Language
Cecile Laval, University of Greenwich

6: Processing Instruction and the Age Factor: Can Adults and School-age Native Speakers of German Process English Simple Past Tense Correctly?
Tanja Angelovska, University of Munich, and Alessandro Benati

7: Gender and Learning Styles: Exploring Possible Effects of Gender and Enhanced vs. Unenhanced Processing Instruction on the Acquisition of Case Marking in L2 German
Zoe Agiasophiti, University of Greenwich

8: The Effects of Processing Instruction and Traditional Instruction on Two Different School-age Learners: The Case of English Present Simple Tense Third Person Singular
Marina Mavrantoni, New York College, Athens, and Alessandro Benati

9: Individual Differences and Processing Instruction
James Lee

"Individual Differences and Processing Instruction makes a significant contribution to L2 research on processing instruction by carefully examining the role of individual differences on results generated by this pedagogical intervention. A clear strength of the volume is its breadth in relation to the range of individual variables that are investigated, the linguistic forms and structures that are included and the number of first and second languages that are examined. A must-read for researchers and students interested in instructed second language acquisition in general and processing instruction in particular.'
Teresa Cadierno, University of Southern Denmark

ISBN-13 (Hardback)9781845533434
Price (Hardback)£60.00/$100.00
ISBN-13 (Paperback)9781845533441
Price (Paperback)£19.99/$34.95
Publication DateNovember 2013
Size234 x 156mm

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