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Text Linguistics Text Linguistics
The How and Why of Meaning
M.A.K. Halliday, Jonathan J. Webster

Series: Equinox Textbooks and Surveys in Linguistics

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Whether prose or poetry, how does a text come to mean what it does? A functional-semantic approach to text analysis, such as is illustrated in this book, offers a revealing look at the resources of language at work in the creation of meaning, and a unique perspective on the text as object of study.

This collaborative work between M.A.K. Halliday, the founder of Systemic Functional Linguistics, and Jonathan Webster, the editor of Halliday's eleven volume collected works, draws on a considerable body of Halliday's previously unpublished work, including lectures on fundamental concepts in Systemic-Functional Theory, to present a foundational overview suitable to those who are new to the theory and methodology of Systemic Functional Grammar and Rhetorical Structure Theory. Building on this foundation, section two presents the findings from several case studies in text analysis, demonstrating how to conduct detailed functional-semantic analysis of the speeches of Billy Graham, Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, Steve Jobs and Susan Rice. This second section will benefit both beginners and those who have already had some background in the study of linguistics.


Part One: a Functional Approach
1. Functions and Components of Language
2. Experiential systems
3. Material and mental processes
4. Verbal and relational processes
5. Participants and circumstances
6. Things and “meta-things”
7. Modality in English: modals and “pseudo-modals”

Part Two: Text and Texture
8. Textual meaning
9. Rhetorical structure of texts

Part Three: Case Studies in Text Linguistics
10. Stepping into meaning: a case study of Billy Graham’s address at the National Prayer and Memorial Service at the Episcopal National Cathedral on 14 September 2001
11. Visualizing the architeXture of a text: analyzing Obama’s first inaugural address and Nixon’s second inaugural address
12. Arriving at a theory of the text: a case study of the commencement addresses delivered by Steve Jobs and Susan Rice

ISBN-10 (Hardback)1904768474
ISBN-13 (Hardback)9781904768470
Price (Hardback)£60.00/$100.00
ISBN-10 (Paperback)1904768482
ISBN-13 (Paperback)9781904768487
Price (Paperback)£19.99/$29.95
Publication DateSeptember 2014
Size244 x 169mm
Illustrations11 figures, numerous tables and diagrams
ReadershipUniversity teachers; undergraduate and postgraduate students

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