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Encyclopedia of Film Music and Sound
Volume 1: Frameworks and Textuality, Volume 2: Process and Production, Volume 3: People, Place and Representation
Edited by: Mark Evans

The Encyclopedia of Film Music and Sound will be the first project of its kind to cover all facets of sound associated with film – stretching from film’s very beginnings in the 1890s through the next 120 years of its existence. As the first comprehensive reference collection devoted to film music and sound, it will be an indispensable resource for researchers, students, academics, practitioners, and all those drawn to the sonic within film.

The work will consist of 3 volumes (approximately 1.5 million words in total) and be published simultaneously in hardback print edition and online.

Volume 1: Frameworks and Textuality
to be published 2016

HB ISBN 978 1 84553 690 9
£120, 680pp

Volume 2: Process and Production
to be published 2017

HB ISBN 978 1 84553 691 6
£120, 680pp

Volume 3: People, Place and Representation
to be published 2017

HB ISBN 978 1 84553 692 3
£120, 680pp

ISBN-13 (Hardback)9781845536909
Publication DateDecember 2016
Size246 x 189mm
ReadershipAcademics, Students and General Public
Book StatusNot yet published

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