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The Semantics of English Negative Prefixes The Semantics of English Negative Prefixes
Zeki Hamawand
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The Semantics of English Negative Prefixes proposes a new system for describing the semantic properties of negative prefixes in English. Specifically, the system captures the semantic distinctions between pairs of negative words that share same bases but end in different prefixes like amoral vs. immoral, dissatisfied vs. unsatisfied, maltreat vs. mistreat, non-human vs. anti-human, etc. The book provides guidance on two matters. As a reference for derivation, it informs the readers about the mechanisms of forming negative words. To do so, it describes the prefixes in terms of the cognitive theories of category, domain and construal. As a reference for usage, it informs the readers about the meaning differences between prefixally-negated words. To do so, it bases the description on actual instances and supports the differences by means of collocations.

The Semantics of English Negative Prefixes outlines a model which unifies the principles of two popular approaches to language description. Cognitive Semantics is the theory that takes account of mental operations. Usage-based Semantics is the practice that focuses on actual utterances. Accordingly, it is an essential source for any reader interested in English language. It achieves its aims by means of clear layout, actual data, ample exemplification, lucid explanation and discrete evidence.

Chapter 1: Negation
Chapter 2: Derivation
Chapter 3: Category
Chapter 4: Domain
Chapter 5: Construal
Chapter 6: Conclusion

'This book presents research on a wide range of negative prefixes arguing that (i) each affix has multiple interpretations, prototypical and peripheral; (ii) the set of interpretations of an affix are partially overlapping with the interpretations of other affixes; (iii) due to a competition between affixes, a decision to use one rather than another always affects interpretation. This book can be useful and inspiring for readers working on the topic...'
Linguist List, June 2010

ISBN-10 (Hardback)1845535405
ISBN-13 (Hardback)9781845535407
Price (Hardback)55.00/$95.00
ISBN-13 (Paperback)9781845539719
Price (Paperback)18.99/$34.95
Publication DateMay 2009
Size234 x 156mm
Illustrations27 figures

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