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Chinese Discourse and Interaction Chinese Discourse and Interaction
Theory and Practice
Edited by: Yuling Pan, Dániel Z. Kádár
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Although Chinese is one of the most thoroughly studied languages in pragmatics, and has a pivotal role in intercultural communication studies because of the increasing cultural and economic interaction between China and other countries, no large-scale study has been devoted to this topic. This groundbreaking volume fills this gap in pragmatic and discourse studies through high-quality research focusing on the theory and practice of Chinese discourse and, in a wider sense, interaction analysis. It introduces the different layers of Chinese discourse and interaction, and makes a valuable contribution not only to Chinese studies but also to other fields such as intercultural and discourse studies.

The contributors to this volume include renowned experts within the field. They present their arguments in an accessible style, making this book useful to both experts of Chinese and discourse studies, as well as advanced students with an interest in communication and society.

1. Introduction
Yuling Pan and Dániel Z. Kádár

Part I: Conversation Analytic and Linguistic Approaches to Chinese Discourse
2. Epistemic Stance in Mandarin Conversation: The Positions and Functions of Wo juede “I think”
Tomoko Endo, Kyoto University
3. Self-repair in Mandarin and Cantonese: Delaying the Next Item Due in Casual Conversation and News Interviews
Wei Zhang and Angela Chan, both at City University of Hong Kong
4. “Do I really have to?” The Give-and-take of Deonitic Meaning in Chinese
Agnes Weiyun He, SUNY-Stony Brook University
5. English THEN in Colloquial Singapore Mandarin
Cher Leng Lee, National University of Singapore

Part II: Discourse Analytic and Social Approaches to Chinese Discourse
6. Approaching Chinese Power in Situated Discourse
Yueguo Gu, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
7. Face in Taiwanese Business Interactions: From Emic Concepts to Emic Practices
Wei-Lin Melody Chang and Michael Haugh, Griffith University, Brisbane
8. What Are Chinese Respondents Responding to? A Close Examination of Question-answer Sequences in Survey Interviews
Yuling Pan
9. Analysis of Chinese Speakers’ Indirect and Contrary-to-face Value Responses to Survey Interview Questions
Anna Y. Chan, US Census Bureau
10. Customer-employee Interaction from a Diachronic Perspective
Hao Sun, Indiana-Purdue University
11. Who is Making the Decision? Chinese Prenatal Counselling Discourse in Hong Kong
Olga Zayts, University of Hong Kong, Virginia Wake Yelei, Georgetown University Medical Center, and Stephanie Schnurr, University of Warwick
12. The Pragmatics of Q&A Interaction: Public Discourse in Hong Kong
Winnie Cheng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
13. On the Positive Formation of Chinese Group Identity
Dániel Z. Kádár
14. “Polysemous” Politeness: Speaker Self-referring Forms in Honglou Meng
Chen Xinren, Nanjing University
15. Epilogue: What makes Chinese unique in discourse and interaction?
Kenneth Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University

'a delight to read and a welcome challenge for any scholar of discourse in Chinese contexts, as well as for researchers in cross-cultural politeness and pragmatics, and students of Chinese communication, more broadly.'
, July 2013

'With empirical studies employing diverse methods, analytic frameworks and data sources, this edited volume successfully fills a knowledge gap in Chinese discourse studies. This volume is recommended for students and scholars working on Chinese discourse analysis, intercultural pragmatics and intercultural studies.'
Language in Society
, 2013

An illuminating read with a cohesive focus. Surveys an impressive array of approaches and analytic methods in the latest scholarship on Chinese discourse and interaction.
Language and Dialogue

ISBN-13 (Hardback)9781845536329
Price (Hardback)Ł60.00/$99.95
Publication DateJanuary 2013
Size234 x 156mm

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