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Sounding Funny
Sound and Comedy Cinema
Edited by: Mark Evans, Philip Hayward

Series: Genre, Music and Sound

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Comedy has been a feature of cinema since its inception. From mickey-moused accompaniments to slapstick scenes, ironic musical statements, clever musical allusions and jokes, well-worn sound
effects, and even laugh tracks, sound has been integral to the development of the comedy on screen. This volume covers all aspects of sound (including dialogue) and music as they have been utilised in comedy film. The volume looks at various subsets of the ‘comedy film’ from the post-War period, including black comedy, romantic comedy, slapstick, dialogue comedy, parody and spoofs. This volume aims to explore the way in which music and sound articulate humour, create comedic situations and direct comedic identifications for viewer/listeners.

1. Sounding Funny: The Importance of Hearing the Joke
Liz Giuffre, Independent scholar, and Mark Evans
2. The Soundtrack as Appropriate Incongruity
Marshall Heiser, PhD student, Griffith University
3. Trading Places with Mozart
Ben Winters, The Open University
4. Parody, Self-Parody and Genre-Parody: Music in The Magnificent Seven and ¡Three Amigos!
Erik Heine, Oklahoma City University
5. Austin Powers: Intentional Music Man
Liz Giuffre and Mark Evans
6. Paranormal Product: The Music and Promotion of Ghostbusters
Jon Fitzgerald, Southern Cross University, and Philip Hayward
7. Red In Tooth And Lipstick: Music and Sound Design in Lesbian Vampire Killers
Claire Butkus, Independent Scholar, and Jon Fitzgerald
8. ‘Be a Clown’ and ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’: Comic Timing, Rhythm, and Donald O’Connor’s Face
Jonas Westover, Independent scholar
9. Sound, Comedy and Cinematic Modernism: Kaasua, komisario Palmu!
Kimmo Laine and Anu Juva, University of Oulu
10. Spanish film music in the 1940s: Comedy, subversion, and dissident rhythms in the films of Manuel Parada
Laura Miranda, Independent scholar
11. An Okinawan Romance: Lyrical Dialogue, Comedy and Music in Nabbie’s Love
Philip Hayward
12. A Special Flavour: Comic Song Scenes in the Hindi Cinema
Gregory D. Booth, University of Auckland
13. Humour Between The Keys: A Detailed Analysis of The Cat Concerto
Peter Morris, University of Surrey

ISBN-13 (Hardback)9781781790991
Price (Hardback)£60.00/$100.00
ISBN-13 (Paperback)9781845536749
Price (Paperback)£19.99/$29.99
Publication DateApril 2015
Size234 x 156mm
Readershipstudents, researchers, general interest
Book StatusNot yet published

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