Conferences & Exhibitions
When we attend conferences or send books for display, we usually offer a conference discount. Click on the pdf next to a conference listing to download any special offer and place your order up to three months after the date of the conference.

January 31 - February 2 2014
Minority Religions

LSE, London (Conference advertising)

February 6-8 2014
International Conference on Buddhism and Australia

Perth (Conference advertising)

Feb 13-14 2014
CRASIS annual conference

Groningen (Conference advertising)

Feb 14-16 2014
Lavender Languages Conference

Washington, DC (Conference advertising)

February 28- 1 March 2014
Renewal Across the Americas

Regent University, Virginia (Conference advertising)

March 5-9 2014
Society for American Music

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Conference advertising)

Mar 6-8 2014
Society for Pentecostal annual meeting

Springfield, Missouri (Conference advertising)

Mar 13-16 2014

Chapel Hill, NC (Conference advertising)

March 18-19 2014
Greening the Gods: Ecology and Theology in the Ancient World

Cambridge (Conference advertising)

March 22-25 2014

Portland, Oregon (Conference advertising)

Mar 25 2014
Theravada Civilizations workshop

Philadelphia (Conference advertising)

Apr 8-10 2014
London Book Fair

London (Attending)

Apr 10-11 2014
British Association for Islamic Studies

Edinburgh (Attending)

April 11 2014
Perspectives on American Freemasonry and Fraternalism

Lexington, Massachusetts (Conference advertising)

Apr 11 2014
Metal and Marginalisation

York (Conference advertising)

Apr 14-19 2014

Mendoza, Argentina (Conference advertising)

Apr 17-20 2014
American Atheist conference

Salt Lake City (Conference advertising)

Apr 23-25 2014
BSA Sociology of Religion

Leeds (Conference advertising)

Apr 24-26 2014
Cognitive Futures in the Humanities

Durham (Conference advertising)

Apr 30 - May 4 2014

Nottingham (Conference advertising)

May 1-3 2014
Language, Interaction and Culture

Los Angeles (Conference advertising)

May 7-10 2014
Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Ottawa, Ontario (Conference advertising)

May 8-11 2014
International Congress on Medieval Studies

Kalamazoo (Conference advertising)

May 11-15 2014

Gronigen (Conference advertising)

May 22-24 2014
First Conference on Food and Language

Bertinoro, Italy (Conference advertising)

May 23-25 2014
Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG)

University of Illinois (Conference advertising)

May 29 - June 1 2014

Warwick (Conference advertising)

June 5-8 2014
American Humanist Association

Philadelphia (Conference advertising)

June 5-8 2014
Center for the Study of New Religions

Waco, Texas (Conference advertising)

Jun 11-13 2014
Third International Symposium on Chinese Language

London (Conference advertising)

June 11-13 2014

Sotckholm (Conference advertising)

June 15-18 2014
20th Sociolinguistics Symposium

Jyvaskyla, Finland (Conference advertising)

Jun 16-18 2014

Brighton (Attending)

June 19-21 2014
The Language of Medicine

Bergamo (Conference advertising)

Jun 24-26 2014
Sixth Annual Conference on Language, Culture and Mind

Lublin, Poland (Conference advertising)

Jun 25-29 2014
Unitarian Universalist General Assembly

Providence, Rhode Island (Conference advertising)

June 26-28, 2014
Twelfth Interdisciplinary Conference: Communication, Medicine & Ethics

Lugano (Attending)

Jul 1-2 2014
UK Association of Buddhist Studies

Leeds (Conference advertising)

Jul 2-4 2014
SOCREL annual conference

Brighton (Attending)

Jul 9-11 2014
International Conference on Organizational Discourse

Cardiff (Conference advertising)

Jul 10-12 2014
European Systemic Functional Linguistics

Paris (Conference advertising)

Jul 15-19 2014
IAMCR Gender and Communication section meeting

Hyderabad, India (Conference advertising)

July 29-31 2014
5th UK Cognitive Linguistics conference

Lancaster (Conference advertising)

August 10-15, 2014
AILA World Congress

Brisbane (Attending)

August 18-23, 2014
XVIIth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies

Vienna (Attending)

September 1-3 2014

Budapest (Conference advertising)

Sep 3-5 2014
Religion in the Public Domain

Belfast (Conference advertising)

Sep 4-6 2014
British Association of Applied Linguistics

Warwick (Conference advertising)

September 10-13 2014

Geneva (Conference advertising)

September 11-14 2014
Worlds of Popular Music: IASPM UK and Ireland conference

Cork (Conference advertising)

Oct 24-25 2014
Freedom from Religion Foundation conference

Los Angeles (Conference advertising)

Nov 19-22 2014

San Diego (Attending)

Nov 22-25 2014

Washington, DC (Attending)

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