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How to Submit a Journal Article

To submit an article for consideration by a journal, go to the journal’s suite of pages on the website and look at the ‘About’ page of a journal. Details about how to reach the editor of that journal will appear there. If you want to know about the specific manuscript guidelines or copyright agreement forms, please go to the Contributors page for that journal.

How to Submit an Idea for a New Journal

If you have an idea for a new journal, wish to move to Equinox or have any other queries about our journal publishing, please contact Janet Joyce at

How to Submit a Book Proposal

First Steps:·
- check that we publish in your subject area!·
- If your book is meant for one of our series, you need to make contact first with the series editor/s whose details can be found on the web pages belonging to that series.

If not meant for a series:·
- send a brief proposal with your vita to the appropriate commissioning editor (see Contact Us); if the book fits our profile and we would like to proceed, we will ask you to send a fuller proposal (see PDF below) along with sample chapters or the full manuscript.

We are happy to discuss projects with you that are ‘at the ideas stage’ and therefore without supporting manuscript material! This is often appropriate and necessary for textbook and reference book ideas.

We also suggest you consult these sources:·
- AAUP Scholarly Publishing Bibliography·
- An Author’s Guide to Scholarly Publishing by Robin Derricourt

Click here to download guidelines for making a proposal

Information for Equinox Authors

If you are already an Equinox author, then you will have received detailed information about how we would like you to submit your manuscript when you have completed it as well as an Author Promotion Form (click here to download PDF).

In future we will also let you have a password which will gain you entry into a different suite of pages on the Equinox website (Authors Site)to enable you to check progress on manuscripts in production, view sales figures for your book, customize promotional literature, place orders at author discount rates and where you can also make specific marketing suggestions for us to follow up on. Our standard author discounts are 35% but from time to time we will increase this. We extend author discounts on books to contributors to our journals.
(click here to download PDF)

Book authors and journal contributors receive 20% discount on journal
subscriptions. (click here to download PDF)


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