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Comparative Islamic Studies

Walid Saleh
University of Toronto

Book Review Editor: Kathryn Kueny
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Kathryn Kueny
Fordham University
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Comparative Islamic Studies focuses on integrating Islamic studies into the more general theoretical and methodological boundaries of liberal arts disciplines with an emphasis on those disciplines most closely aligned with the contemporary study of religion (e.g. anthropology, art history, classics, comparative literature, history, philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology). Particular attention will be given to articles and reviews which reflect how Islamic materials can challenge and contribute to generic categories, theories and questions of method in the general study of religion. The journal provides the opportunity for expert scholars of Islam to demonstrate the more general significance of their research both to comparativists and to specialists working in other areas.

Articles are to be explicitly comparative in their focus and scope, and should clearly articulate both the reasons for selecting to compare certain phenomena and the theoretical conclusions to be drawn from the comparison. Comparisons may be between Islamic and non-Islamic materials or within and among Islamic materials. Some examples include analyses of Bible and Quran along with Jewish, Christian and Muslim exegesis; studies of rituals, canonical texts, myths, and ideeologies; sociological categories investigating prophet figures, holy people, saints and sufis; and comparisons of theology, philosophy and mysticism.

Attention to Islamic materials from outside the central Arabic lands is of special interest, as are comparisons which stress the diversity of Islam as it interacts with changing human conditions. Articles may also concentrate on the methodological and theoretical implications of doing comparative analysis.

Future Issue: Contemporary Salafism
Guest edited by Susanne Olsson and Emin Poljarevic

Mark Sedgwick (Aarhus University)
Introduction: Salafism, the Social, and the Global Resurgence of Religion

Susanne Olsson (Stockholm University)
Swedish puritan Salafism: a hijrah within

Güney Dogan (Gothenburg University)
Moral geographies and the disciplining of senses of Swedish Salafis

Ulrika Mårtensson (NTNU - The Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Harakî Salafism in Norway: "The Saved Sect" Hugs the Infidels

Emin Poljarevic (University of Edinburgh)
Salafism and Authenticity

Terje Østebø (University of Florida)
Salafism, State-Politics, and the Question of "Extremism" in Ethiopia

Jonas Svensson (Linnaeus University)
Mind the beard! Deference, purity and Islamisation of everyday life as micro-factors in a Salafi cultural epidemiology

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Religious & Theological Abstracts

Published: June and December
ISSN:1740-7125 (print)
ISSN:1743-1638 (online)


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