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Editorial Team


  1. Bron Taylor, University of Florida, United States

Associate Editors

  1. J. Richard Stepp, University of Florida, United States
  2. Adrian Ivakhiv, University of Vermont, United States
  3. Lisa Sideris, Indiana University, United States

Book Review Editor

  1. Lucas F. Johnston, Wake Forest University, United States

Assistant Editors

  1. Sarah E Fredericks, University of North Texas, United States
  2. Lucas F Johnston, Wake Forest University, United States
  3. Joseph D Witt, University of Florida, United States

Managing Editor

  1. Joy Horner Greenberg, United States

Consulting Editor

  1. Celia Deane-Drummond, University of Notre Dame, United States

Executive Editors

  1. Graham St. John, University of Queensland, Australia
  2. Kocku von Stuckrad, University of Groningen, Netherlands
  3. Kristina Tiedje, University of Lyon, France
  4. Robin Wright, University of Florida, United States
  5. Michael York, Bath Spa University, United Kingdom

Editorial Board

  1. William L. Balée, Tulane University, United States
  2. Gustavo Benavides, Villanova University, United States
  3. Richard Foltz, Concordia University, Canada
  4. John Gatta, University of the South, United States
  5. Stewart Guthrie, Fordham University, United States
  6. Graham Harvey, Open University, United Kingdom
  7. Adrian Ivakhiv, University of Vermont, United States
  8. Issiaka P.L. Laleye, Universite Gaston Berger, Senegal
  9. Victor Manuel Toledo Manzur, Unidad Académica Morelia, Mexico
  10. Alastair McIntosh, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
  11. Ibrahim Ozdemir, Ankara University, Turkey
  12. Clare Palmer, Texas A&M University, United States
  13. James Proctor, Lewis & Clark College, United States
  14. Michael Soulé, University of California, Santa Cruz, United States
  15. Donald Swearer, Harvard University, United States
  16. Sarah McFarland Taylor, Northwestern University, United States
  17. Mark Wallace, Swarthmore College, United States
  18. Eglee L. Zent, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, Venezuela

Assistant Editor, Book Reviews

Reviews Coordinator (The Americas)

  1. Todd LeVasseur, United States

Reviews Coordinator (Europe/Asia/Africa)

  1. Albertina Nugteren, Tilburg University, Netherlands

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