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Wolf Blitzer and Postcolonial Religious Narratives

by Eoin O’Mahony After the nightmarish tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma earlier this month, CNN did the usual “what effect does it have on the real people on the ground” news mop-up which worked so well for Anderson Cooper in Ohio. They … Continue reading

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Jesus Toasters and Miracles on Demand

Writing for CNN’s “Belief Blog,” Steve Walsh notes that, “[f]rom telephone poles, to store receipts to a cheesy snack, people have claimed to see the image of Jesus Christ in all sorts of unconventional places,” and interpreted such phenomena as … Continue reading

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How much Tebowing is too much?

As Stephen Prothero’s sharp piece in last week’s CNN Belief Blog, “Is Tim Tebow Performing Miracles?,” notes, despite his mediocre individual performance, the Denver Broncos religiously outspoken quarterback is, at least for many evangelical Christian football fans, like “the Second … Continue reading

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The 26%

Blake Ellis’ piece at CNN, “Want Cheaper Tuition? Find Religion,”  raises a fascinating question. “With church membership dwindling and more families struggling to afford the cost of college,” he writes, “many private religiously-affiliated colleges and universities are slashing tuition and … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Bible?

In a recent piece for CNN’s religion blog, “Actually, that’s not in the Bible,” John Blake examines the ubiquity of “phantom scripture” in American Christian communities. By “phantom scripture” he means ideas, teachings, and passages that sound like they belong in the Bible–e.g., … Continue reading

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