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Individual Rights?

According to a story we tell ourselves, we live in an unprecedented age with something called “individual rights.” As Norbert Elias writes in The Society of Individuals, The transition to the primacy of the state in relation to clan and tribe … Continue reading

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Picture Book: Marriage and Donuts

I recently saw this image on Facebook (it was shared by George Takei, whose Facebook feed is pretty entertaining): While I am personally in favor of passing laws that benefit the interests of gays and lesbians, this comparison of gay … Continue reading

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Lucian’s Satires and the Discursive Role of the Charlatan

By Philip L. Tite I am continually fascinated with the discursive techniques that people use to discredit competing religious groups or cultic practices (especially as such language tends to reinforce the polemicist’s own group or worldview). Recently, while working on … Continue reading

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Two Maps

I came across two maps today. The first one is a joke; it’s titled “Europe according to the United States of America”: As far as I can tell this map is designed to poke fun at and expose American stereotypes … Continue reading

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