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Applied Linguistics Applied Linguistics
Towards a New Integration?
Lars Sigfred Evensen

Series: Studies in Applied Linguistics

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The nature of applied linguistics is an issue that has reappeared again and again over several decades. The established paradigm met severe difficulty during the 1960s, but has never been replaced by a coherent alternative. The major aim of this book is to present a new approach to the discussion about the nature of applied linguistics, one that investigates its deeper theory of science underpinnings. A second important aim is to explore what an alternative might look like, granted diverse developments since the original paradigm began to be questioned. Rather than argue the case for one specific alternative, the book suggest a viable tertium comparationis for intellectual discussion across current tension and disparity. Such a common ground is strongly needed within graduate and postgraduate programmes.

The first part of this book presents applied linguistics as seen within theory and history of science. The emerging picture is empirically confronted with the world of practitioners. The second part presents tentative integration, in theory of language, theory of learning and research methodology, and ends with an empirical study illustrating principles of research. The third part returns to theory of science, discussing ontological aspects of our core research object problems of linguistic communication.


Part 1
1. Applied linguistics as viewed from a theory of science
2. Competing paradigms in the history of applied linguistics
3. An empirical evaluation of competing paradigms

Part II
4. Communication and discourse: Towards an integrated view
5. Approaches to learning
6. Approaches to research methodology
7. A methodological illustration

Part III
8. A rational way ahead?

ISBN-13 (Hardback)9781845536237
Price (Hardback)65.00/$125.00
Publication DateMay 2013
Size234 x 156mm
Illustrations9 figures

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