A Sufi Apologist of Nishapur is an original and valuable study, skilfully researched and written, of a major Sufi author and thinker. It deserves the attention of anyone interested in the development of methodology in 'ilm al-tasawwuf and/or that of the classic treatises composed in its defence.
The Muslim World Book Review

The author engages all of the key scholars writing in European languages about this period and has integrated their insights well.
In conclusion, one should note Chowdhury’s choice of a primary descriptor for al-Sulamī: apologist. References to al-Sulamī’s apologetic intent permeate the volume and are presented in summary synthesis in the brief final chap- ter, “Conclusions: An Apologetics for a Ṣūfī Orthodoxy.” … his choice, like many others in this much-appreciated monograph, is defensible.