In Aging in an Aging Society Apostolova and Lanoix present a series of papers that explore our understanding of our individual perception of aging, our societal perception and the implications this has on how care is delivered to the aged. In doing so, by revealing the foundations of the issue, they add not only clarity to an issue that we cannot afford to ignore, they reinforce the relevance of philosophy in public discourse. The authors demonstrate that philosophy is more than simply an academic pursuit; on the contrary, it repositions itself in the centre of a debate on aging where it can resume its role in advancing understanding of the world and our place in it. As we continue to navigate the implications of COVID-19, we overlook expertise at our own peril. Aging in an Aging Society offers more than just insight, it affirms that the reach of philosophy extends beyond the ivory tower. It confirms that the medium is the message.
Science et Esprit