Vol 13 No. 8 (2011) Issue Number 8, May 1999

Notes from the Underground

When we changed the typeface and the layout of The Pom last issue, we expected that we’d receive compliments or complaints.But we weren’t expecting nothing at all—which is what we got. We can either assume that everyone is completely happy with the magazine’s new look or that nobody cares. If you do care, or (better yet) if you have suggestions or comments, please let us hear from you.

Readers' Forum

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Jone Salomonsen obtained her PhD in Theology and Cultural Anthropology in 1996 from the University of Oslo, where she teaches in the Faculty of Theology. She holds a three year post doctorate grant from the Norwegian Research Council to research confirmation and initiation rituals for young people.
The community I came to study was the Reclaiming Collective of San Francisco, a well-known feminist Witchcraft community founded in 1979 by Starhawk and her coven sisters .
York University
Environmental thought and scholarship have recently been grappling with a series of questions opened up by poststructuralist, feminist, and postcolonial forms of scholarship; by the emergence of Third World environmentalism and ‘environmental justice’ movements; and by recent developments in ecological science, developments which have questioned earlier concepts of ‘nature’ as balanced and harmonious in favour of a new view that sees nature as dynamic and unpredictable.
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Bron Taylor is Director of Environmental Studies and Oshkosh Foundation Professor of Religion at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Nature religion devotees … seek harmony with nature through preservation of the natural world, but they simultaneously attempt to bend nature to their will, whether through physical, mental, or magical technique. Albanese shows how the mastery impulse supports repressive ideologies, spotlighting how notions of “natural law” and “rights” deployed nature as a religious symbol serving racist nationalism and ... manifest destiny.
San Jose State University
… even the guy who cuts my hair got into the act. He’s from Brazil. Candomblé practitioner. Told me that according to Ife tradition, the goddess who watches over me is Oya, the Yoruba warrior goddess. He said he could tell by the condition of my hair that I was preparing for battle. Haircut divination

Book Reviews

University College of St Mark and St John
Asphodel (Pauline) Long received a degree in Theology at London University in 1983 at the age of 62. In 1996 she was the first Sophia Fellow at the University College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth. She is a founder member of the European Society of Women in Theological Research. She is the author of In a A Chariot Drawn by Lions: The Search for the Female in Deity (The Women's Press, London. 1992). Asphodel has been called a grandmother of the Goddess Movement in Great Britain.
The first three of these reviews originally appeared in Wood and Water, a feminist influenced Goddess-centered pagan magazine from England which has been appearing for over twenty years. The review of Concept of the Goddess first appeared in the Spring 1997 issue, that of The Faces of the Goddess in the Spring 1998 issue, and of Ancient Goddesses in the Winter Solstice 1998 issue.