Vol 13 No. 10 (2011) Issue Number 11, February 2000

Notes from the Underground

The wheels are also turning which will, probably in the course of the current year, convert The Pomegranate into a peer-reviewed journal. In other words, articles will be submitted to a panel of reviewers for evaluation. These reviewers will independently decide whether to accept the piece as it stands or to recommend to the editorsthat it be revised according to their suggestions.

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Charleton University
A witch war permeates and polarises the ocmmunity to such an extent that community participants are left with two choices: either to choose a side, or to withdraw from participation in the community.
The long-term effects of these catastrophes derived less from the actual incidents themselves than from what was written about these events by the survivors, immediately afterwards and during the following generation.
Another suggestion… would be for the community, comprised of friends and family, to have a ritual of thanksgiving that honors the danger these people willingly accept in order to safeguard the community.
Effeminate Love [+-] 45-50
In renouncing the aristocratic ideals of male behavior that were still in favor, if only as ideals, in Handel’s day, we have lost the traditional sense of what properly constitutes manhood …

Book Reviews

Although it is written for a narrowly defined audience, A Voice in the Forest should interest anyone concerned with issues of mediumship and the establishment of what are sometimes called magical “contacts” within revived Witchcraft.