Pre-Publication Reviews

This book can be certainly labelled as one of the best basic SLA methodology manuals one has ever encountered - written in a very concise manner with a clear language and appropriate style, this book is a perfect companion for novice teachers and students. What makes this book different from similar books of this kind, is that it achieves to guide the reader in a very smooth and progressive way towards developing a specific research methodology by enabling him/her to gain knowledge of the different research approaches and methods presented in it.
Dr Tanja Angelovska, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

This book provides thought-provoking, foundational insight on how to understand and design research in second language acquisition. Readers, especially those new to the field, will appreciate the book's step-by-step approach during their journey through key issues, methodologies, and mixed- and psycholinguistic frameworks. The book is not only extremely accessible in terms of its readership, but it also serves as an indispensable manual that is sure to educate and captivate anyone interested in delving into research in second language acquisition.
Professor John W. Schwieter, Wilfrid Laurier University