Key Methods in Second Language Acquisition Research - Alessandro Benati

Key Methods in Second Language Acquisition Research - Alessandro Benati

5. Classroom Observation Research Framework

Key Methods in Second Language Acquisition Research - Alessandro Benati

Alessandro G. Benati [+-]
University of Portsmouth
Professor Alessandro Benati is Professor of Second Language Acquisition and Head of School of Languages and Area Studies at the University of Portsmouth. He is internationally known for his research in second language learning and teaching, with special emphases on processing instruction. He is a pioneering researcher in the area of second language acquisition (SLA) and has built a reputation on two fronts. On one front, he is a premier Italian language scholar producing the most empirical work on the teaching and acquisition of Italian in the world. On the other front, he is a scholar in the more general field of instructed SLA, with an emphasis on the effects of formal instruction on the acquisition of grammatical properties by second language learners. He has a strong publications record with 12 established monographs, chapters and articles in international journals (Language Awareness, IRAL, and Language Teaching Research).


In this chapter the basic concept and components of the classroom observation research framework will be presented. What is classroom observation? Why do we carry out classroom observation? How can we carry our classroom observation are some of the key questions addressed in this chapter. Key procedures to collect and analyse data within an observation research framework will be discussed. Advantages and disadvantages in using this framework will be explored. An exemplary observation classroom-based study will be presented to show and to describe to readers how such as study is conducted and how findings are presented. Key terms associated to observation research and sources for further reading will be provided at the end of the chapter

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