Surviving the Induction Years of Language Teaching - The Importance of Reflective Practice - Thomas S. C. Farrell

Thomas S. C. Farrell [+-]
Brock University
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Thomas S.C. Farrell is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Brock University, Canada. His professional interests include Reflective Practice, and Language Teacher Education & Development. He has published widely and has presented at major conferences worldwide on these topics. His webpage is:


This introductory chapter makes the case for the importance of why the TESOL profession should provide detailed investigations of the induction years (1-3 years) of ESL teachers given the fact that language teacher educators do not know exactly what happens once they graduate from teacher education/certificate courses (e.g. see Farrell, 2016). Indeed, early research has suggested that within the TESOL profession 50% to 70% of TESOL novice teachers leave within the first 3 years (Phillips, 1989). This book not only details the socialization process a novice ESL teacher had to navigate during his first year, I also return to investigate the development experiences of this still novice teacher in his third year and also outline the challenges he faced in this third year. The chapter then outlines and describes the case study (in detail) of the novice English as a second language (ESL) teacher during his first year and also his third year of teaching in a university language school in Canada; how the data were collected and analyzed in both years.

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Farrell, Thomas . Introduction. Surviving the Induction Years of Language Teaching - The Importance of Reflective Practice. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. Nov 2022. ISBN 9781781795521. Date accessed: 27 Sep 2021 doi: 10.1558/equinox.31242. Nov 2022

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