Trees,And,Mangoes,,One,Of,The,Most,Expensive,Fruits.,VectorOur South & East Asia Collection concentrates on those distinctively East, South Asian or Indic religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism and also includes studies of these religions in diaspora, their reception in the West, as well as emerging or “established” new religions in the region. It also includes material on other, non-Indic religious traditions and communities such as Islam, Christianity, Indigenous traditions and historical and contemporary inter-religious contact and change in the region.



The components include interactive textbooks, monographs, chapters from edited books, reference material and journal articles all searchable and accessible from a single platform.   All records provide keywords, abstracts, citation data and links to the full text. The  SEA collection will be updated daily and currently comprises over 2000 records (i.e. individual book chapters, journal articles reference entries).
The Components and record counts as of August 10 2022 are:
Monographs & Edited Volumes: 47 complete eBooks.
Textbooks: 8 textbooks including interactive editions of titles from the Religion in 5 Minutes series and others
Chapters from other Edited Volumes:  65 chapters from 27 other Equinox books
Journal Complete Runs:  2 journals — Buddhist Studies Review and Religions of South Asia, a total of 625 peer-reviewed articles plus miscellaneous material such as reviews, editorials etc.
Other Journal Articles:  200 peer-reviewed articles from 15 other Equinox journals
Reference entries: more than 350 entries from the LGBTQI+ Companion to Symbol, Mythology, Folklore and Spirituality , forthcoming 2023

What are interactive Texts?

These are ePub editions which we host on a platform that offers a range of options for classroom engagement. 
If you have adopted one of our interactive books, such as those in the Religion in 5 Minutes series, and your institution subscribes to the premium option, you are able to to register as the moderator for the course you will be teaching and exploit the features of the platform. Once authorized in this role, you will be able to create a private annotation group, invite students to join and manage group membership. When engaging with a text, your readers can associate their annotations with those groups of which they are a member. In addition, moderators can develop their own suite of resources from any of the material that is included in their institution’s subscription. All you need to do is identify which chapters, whole books or journal articles that should be included and we will create a unique environment for your course. You can also import non-Equinox material (for which you have permission to do so), such as images, multimedia content, and so forth. Contact us to discuss.