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We are pleased to offer publishing services to a number of scholarly and professional societies

In 2013, The College of Health Care Chaplaincy and Scottish Association of Chaplains in Healthcare joined forces and moved to Equinox.

Health and Social Care Chaplaincy is a peer-reviewed, international journal that assists health and social care chaplains to explore the art and science of spiritual care within a variety of contexts. The journal was founded in 2013 through the merger of the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy (ISSN 1748-801X) and the Scottish Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy (ISSN 1463-9920). It continues to be the official journal of the College of Health Care Chaplains and the Scottish Association of Chaplains in Healthcare. Members of both societies receive the journal as part of their annual membership.

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Equinox offers a range of publishing services to academic societies around the world. We can offer a competitive and personal service tailored to your organization’s needs. Our services include membership management (if desired) as well as full production and marketing functions. We are members of the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP). Our journals are sold to libraries and consortia around the world by Accucoms as part of their Aggregagent collection. We are members of the Crossref, the journals linking project, Portico, a non-profit organization dedicated to long-term electronic archiving, and the UK Serials Group (UKSG).

We endorse ethical practice of the highest standards as promulgated by COPE (the Committee on Publication Ethics). We adhere to the standards recommended by industry leaders to assist in the transfer of journals between publishers, known as the Transfer Code of Practice promulgated by NISO and other bodies. We publish books as well as journals so we have in-depth knowledge of your subject area, and we market both books and journals through a variety of channels worldwide including mailings, discussion list announcements, conference attendance, free sample distribution, and trial online subscriptions for libraries and we encourage journal editors, board members and Societies to make suggestions in this regard. We also work hard to expand the coverage of our journals by the major abstracting/indexing and citation services as well as investigating emerging forms of ‘article metrics’. Equinox Online offers both an easy-to-use submission/editorial management system as well as a sophisticated electronic publishing platform, featuring articles in both enhanced PDF and (as desired) HTML formats, rich reference linking with CrossRef, citation data at article level, online-before-print, first article downloads and other features.  We update the platform on a regular basis and because – unusually for a small publisher – we host and develop our site and handle subscription management in-house and are not reliant on third-party hosting, we are able to react quickly to suggestions from editors and societies for improvements.

Over ten years we have developed a program that has attracted leading international authors and societies. We are proud that we have worked with several small societies to create sustainable and cutting-edge journals (in several cases, titles that larger rival publishers turned down). We believe that although the academic publishing world is in a state of flux, there are also more and more opportunities for creative, enterprising partnerships between academic societies and independent publishers. Click here to learn a bit more about Equinox. We are proof that a small, independent publisher can achieve substantial results through innovative practice, team spirit and hard work. Our production and marketing teams have, for the most part, been working with us since our foundation in 2003. When you chose Equinox, you will begin a long-term relationship that we hope will endure for years as we work to develop your journal. If you are a society with an existing journal and are considering changing your present arrangements, or to explore the launch of a new journal on behalf of your society, please contact Janet Joyce

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Some Journals currently published on behalf of societies:

CALICO Journal

– Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium

Journal for the Academic Study of Religion

Australian Association for the Study of Religion

Buddhist Studies Review

UK Association for Buddhist Studies

Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism

American Humanist Association

Health and Social Care Chaplaincy

College of Health Care Chaplains and Scottish Association of Chaplains in Healthcare

International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law

International Association of Forensic Linguists and International Association for Forensic Pnonetics and Acoustics