We launched our eBook platform at the end of 2016/early 2017 and now offer virtually all our backlist in this format with new titles made available simultaneously as print and eBook. Equinox eBooks are only available through the Equinox platform and not through any other content aggregators. As soon as an eBook is available to buy from our website, that option (and prices) will appear on the book’s webpage. Our eBooks are enhanced PDFs with the following features:

User Experience

  • Quickly create lists to use with our research tools
  • Citation generation and management
  • Overview mode displays the entire book as thumbnail images, allowing for fast navigation.
  • Create a bibliography
  • Integrated with tools such as EndNote, BibTeX, etc.
  • Save notes / snippets on each book
  • Access (download, print) notes without having to find the book
  • Copy-and-paste and download individual PDF pages
  • Bookmarks can be accessed outside of books, i.e. users can view a list of bookmarks and jump straight into the book at that page
  • Fast searches open directly at the page of the result
  • Save search results for future reference and refining
  • Minimal DRM for package subscribers and most institutional purchases


  • Our reader offers a richly interactive and easy-to-use eBook (PDF) environment, gracefully adjusting itself to the user’s particular hardware (e.g. PC, Mac, mobile, tablet) and browser software (at a minimum being compatible with IE7) on PCs. For the best results we recommend a modern HTML5-compatible browser or any “multi-touch” compatible Android / Apple smartphone or tablet)
  • Zoom in function enables text to be read clearly at any size
  • Switchable graphical and text view modes. The graphical mode shows each page as in the printed document (or source PDF), and the text view shows each page in plain text, which can be picked up by a screenreader
  • Document scaling: Pages can be zoomed-in with no degradation to print quality, because in graphical mode the pages use vector (SVG) graphics.
  • Light/dark modes: The plain text presentation can be switched between light-on-dark and dark-on-light, and the font size can be increased, allowing for improved accessibility.

For Libraries

Equinox offer libraries a number of ways to access our new and backlist titles online, and free trials are available. We list institutional prices on all our book pages as guidance. Prices for library customers may differ from the retail price for textbooks or reference books to allow for multiple, simultaneous use. Discounts are available for packages. Institutional access is provided via IP recognition under license. Libraries may order directly from us either through the website or through their usual library supplier. Please contact us if you wish to be invoiced. We will also need your IP or eProxy details and we will need to send our site license for your signature.


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For Individuals

After submitting your payment details, you will receive an order confirmation by email  which will provide a link to take you to your new homepage on the Equinox Online site where you will be able to access the eBook. By placing an order, you will be registering as a user on the site. Your eBook purchases will reside on your user homepage. From this page, you will also be able to access any other electronic content you may have previously subscribed to, such as a journal.

eBook Downloads

Downloads are not available.

Access instructions

Access is from https://journals.equinoxpub.com/books/login

Your username will be in the automatic email you received from our system. This goes to the email that you have used when registering on our system. Please check your spam folder if you can’t see it in your inbox.

If you do not know your password, please use the forgotten password facility on the above url to reset it

Click on ‘My eBook Subscriptions’ on the right hand side of the page.

Your subscription will then be visible on the main part of the page.

Click on the plus symbol on the right of either ‘My Library’ or ‘eBooks Provided by Subscription’. Your eBook will be under one of these options.

Your subscription will then be visible. Click on the plus at the right of this to see the book.

Click on the ‘view online’ icon to go to the individual ebook (if you click on exit on the top menu from within any ebook, it will take you back to this subscription page).

Buying Book Chapters/Chapter Downloads (available for selected titles)

A number of our edited/multi-authored books offer chapter downloads. Where available, prices are indicated as part of the table of contents. We are working to provide this option for all appropriate books. Normal copyright and re-use laws apply. VAT will be added as appropriate according buyer residency.

If material is offered for purchase, a price will appear as part of the table of contents information. You should carefully review the abstract that is available free of charge to confirm that you are ordering the correct chapter.

Click the Continue button below to go to the PayPal site, where credit cards can be used to pay the fee (without having to join PayPal). Use the “Return to Merchant” button after making payment to return to this site.

Please check the Return/Cancellation* Policy before proceeding. Once Equinox has supplied the chapter, the order may not be cancelled.

How to Cite Downloaded Chapter

from the abstract page of all chapters, you can view and download a chapter’s citation for free. For example:

Psycho-Analysis: Form and Function in Bernard Herrmann’’s Music for Hitchcock’’s Masterpiece
Citation Format: ABNT

Wierzbicki, James. Psycho-Analysis: Form and Function in Bernard Herrmann’’s Music for Hitchcock’’s Masterpiece. Terror Tracks – Music, Sound and Horror Cinema. Equinox Publishing, United Kingdom. p. 14 – 46 Jul 2009. ISBN 9781845532024. http://www.equinoxpub.com/home/view-chapter/?id=19121. Date accessed: 03 Nov 2014 doi: 10.1558/BOOK-198-638-1. Jul 2009
Return/Cancellation Policy for Downloads

Equinox is unable to offer refunds for downloaded chapters of books.
Please double check the details of your purchase before you confirm your order.
For chapter downloads, you should carefully review the abstract that is available free of charge to confirm that you are ordering the correct article.

If for some reason the stated chapter is not available for downloading, and your credit card has been debited, please contact [email protected] and we will investigate the transaction. If necessary, we will arrange to supply the chapter to you by other means (by post or fax) or we will supply a credit for the purchase price as a credit on the card used to make the transaction.