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All Equinox books are published simultaneously in print and as eBooks. Some textbooks are also available in ePub format. Our eBook prices appear on each book’s page on this web site and may be ordered from those pages by individuals and libraries (although libraries will need to contact us separately about site licenses and authentication matters, e.g. IP ranges).

For Libraries

There are a number of ways to acquire our eBooks — subscription, outright purchase of complete collections, or title-by-title purchasing. Free trials available.
In 2023 our backlist comprises more than 500 titles. New titles are added to subject collections at intervals as updates after publication. We normally publish between 40 and 50 new books each year. Our eBooks are PDFs supplied in a user-friendly environment with minimal DRM and are only available from Equinox. In addition, from 2023 we are introducing interactive editions of textbooks (ePub format within an interactive environment for classroom use).
eBook Textbook Purchase Model
eBook textbooks are supplied on a ‘lease basis’ whereby unlimited simultaneous user access ceases after 12 months unless renewed.
  • Initial purchase: £550 / $700 for unlimited user access for the first year
  • Years 2 and 3: £192 / $245 each year for unlimited user access (35% of initial purchase price)
  • Thereafter renewal for unlimited user access would be £75 / $100 each year
If an institution chooses not to renew, the eBook textbook would revert to limited simultaneous use. Institutions can decline to renew any year, or reinstate unlimited user access at any time.

1.  Subject Collections

The Equinox Religion Library (in progress):

This library combines whole eBooks, interactive ePub format textbooks, journal subscriptions and selected journal articles and book chapters. The library is made up of several collections (highlighted are now available): Ancient Worlds, AfroDiasporic & Indigenous Studies; Islamic Studies, New Religious Movements, Contemporary Paganism & Western Esotericism, Religions of a Single God (Biblical Studies, Christianity, Islam and Judaism), South & East Asian Religions and Theory, Method & Special Topics. Each may be purchased separately. This is the most cost-effective way to acquire any of our religious studies publications in electronic format. eBooks are sold outright (with the exception of textbooks which are leased for 3 years followed by automatic outright ownership) and journals are supplied on a subscription basis. Each collection includes significant numbers of free book chapters and journal articles.

Other eBook Subject Collections: Archaeology/History, Language/Linguistics, Popular Music, Religious Studies.

To acquire a regular subject collection by subscription, libraries sign a three-year agreement with an annual opt-out clause and cancellation payment of 10% of the value of the cancelled year/s. To help libraries budget, package prices for years two and three are based on the total price of all of the new titles included in the year’s annual  subject package minus the package discount or on the cost of the initial year’s package price, whichever is less.  Annual collections comprise all new books published or scheduled for publication during a calendar year.  A year’s final list of new books may vary from the line-up originally announced (as when a book fails to be published in a calendar year) so libraries receive a credit note (if mid-cycle) or refund (if at the end of an Agreement) for any differences/shortfalls at the end of each year.  No new books not originally included will be provided or invoiced retrospectively. New annual lists are announced between October and December each year for the following year and are supplied from April onwards upon publication. Subscriptions run on a calendar year basis.

Package subscriptions include unlimited simultaneous use, perpetual access and include textbooks. MARC records are provided. Discounts of as much as 25% are available as well as tiered pricing for smaller institutions.

Pick and Choose Options
Instead of the fixed subject packages, libraries can create their own collection each year by choosing a minimum of 20 titles from any subject area combination or combination of subject areas.

Backlist Options for Subject Package Subscribers
Libraries that purchase a current subject collection gain perpetual access to purchased content (i.e. the current year package) and may also opt for one of these routes to obtaining backlist access.

(i)   exposure to the entire subject backlist through the utilisation of a Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) model. DDA backlist/archive purchases are triggered on the first request and are invoiced at the regular price. There is no minimum requirement and no deposit. Backlist titles are set up for non-concurrent use until purchase is complete.

(ii)  automatic access to entire subject backlist on a term (lease to buy) basis. Unlimited concurrent use is granted. The library pays an access fee per subject area for the first three years.  This fee is based on the number of backlist titles initially available and varies by subject area and represents a discount of 25%. Access continues as long as the library maintains a current subscription to a subject package/collection.  After five years of sequential subscription, the status of their backlist subscription is upgraded to perpetual access.

(iii) outright purchase of entire subject backlist at a discount of 40%.

Print Add-on Option for Package Subscribers
Current subscribers to any package may include the hardback edition (will default to the paperback if no hardback offered) of any new book in the current year’s collection at a discount of 35%.  This option may be initiated any time during the year as long as the subscription is current.  Orders may be placed directly with the publisher or through a library supplier but no vendor discounts apply. Libraries choosing this option for all titles at the time of contract for their subject package receive 45% discount.

Combine with Journals Package for Extra Discount
The same subject areas are offered for journal packages, and libraries taking both book and journal packages benefit from an additional 10% discount on the price of both packages.

2. Backlist Purchase

Complete Subject backlists (or backlist pick and choose selections with a minimum of 25 titles) are available for purchase at discounts starting at 25%. Concurrent user/perpetual license. MARC records included. Includes Textbooks.

3. Book by Book Option

Libraries can order any eBook either directly from Equinox or via their usual library supplier. No discounts apply. Titles are sold under a concurrent user/perpetual license.  MARC records included.

4. PDA Option

We also offer a Patron Driven selection/ordering option whereby a library is given access to all available titles in a subject area (or to an specific list of titles of the library’s choice subject to a minimum of 20 titles) initially on a on a non-concurrent use basis (until purchase). an order is initiated once a title has been viewed twice. Billing takes place automatically once the purchase is triggered and purchases are billed at the regular list price and are acquired under a perpetual license. A deposit of £375/$500 per subject package is required to be set against purchases. MARC Records included. Minimal DRM. Textbooks are excluded.

Pricing, Vendors, Consortia, Trials and Licenses

Consortia receive a 5% commission for electronic collection orders. Packages can be tailored for Consortia.

Vendors receive 5% commission except for print-add on orders which are not further discounted.

For pricing options, consortium arrangements and free institutional trials contact Sarah Lee. Our online content (via EquinoxOnline) is accessible only after an order has been placed, the library has signed and returned their site licence,  and registration has been confirmed by us.

Discovery and Support

Equinox already works with the most popular web-scale discovery services — Ex Libris Primo, EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), Proquest Summon and OCLC Worldcat Discovery — by supplying them with complete metadata and full text of our journals. We are also now doing this for our eBooks. With this information the services are able to fully index Equinox content making it more discoverable. Libraries using any one of these online services should find it easy to integrate Equinox electronic publications into their collections. In addition, we offer the following features:

  • All new titles available on publication
  • Counter-compliant usage stats
  • MARC records with direct link urls
  • IP or username/password authentication
  • Chapter and book level DOIs and abstracts
  • Long-term archiving via Portico or as arranged
  • Same prices as hardback print (except for textbooks)

User Experience

  • Quickly create lists to use with our research tools
  • Citation generation and management
  • Create a bibliography
  • Integrated with tools such as EndNote, BibTeX, etc.
  • Save notes / snippets on each book
  • Access (print) notes without having to find the book
  • Copy-and-paste individual PDF pages
  • Bookmarks can be accessed outside of books, i.e. users can view a list of bookmarks and jump straight into the book at that page
  • Fast searches open directly at the page of the result
  • Save search results for future reference and refining
  • Minimal DRM for package subscribers and most institutional purchases


  • Our reader offers a richly interactive and easy-to-use eBook (PDF) environment, gracefully adjusting itself to the user’s particular hardware (e.g. PC, Mac, mobile, tablet) and browser software (at a minimum being compatible with IE7) on PCs. For the best results we recommend a modern HTML5-compatible browser or any “multi-touch” compatible Android / Apple smartphone or tablet)
  • Zoom in function enables text to be read clearly at any size
  • All titles are available in text-only versions and can be read by screen-reading software

 Information for Individuals

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