Re-use of Content Originally Published by Equinox Publishing

Note: If you are writing a book or article for Equinox and have a query about how to reuse material previously published by another press, please refer to our Permissions Guidelines for Equinox Authors.

Equinox controls copyright for the majority of books and journals we publish. Our Rights department handles permissions, translation rights and copyright queries for all our titles and for books published by JR Collis Publishers, whom we distribute. We normally charge a fee for the re-publication of material and this is shared with the author(s).

Occasionally we publish books whose content or partial content has been licensed from another publisher. These are usually student anthologies or books originally published in another language that we have had translated into English. With anthologies, we control copyright in the material that is original to the volume such as volume editor’s introduction or any original material in the volume bit not the reprinted articles. With translations we normally only control secondary rights to the English version and do not control the licensing of other translations.

Equinox Authors & Reuse of Own Material

Equinox authors or contributors to edited books and journals should consult their publishing contract regarding re-use of material. In general permission is automatically granted when an author wishes to reuse their own(only) material in another book they are writing or editing but we ask that authors let us know in advance for our records and so that we can provide the correct acknowledgement lines.

Translation of Equinox Books

To request a reading copy of an Equinox book to translate, please contact Val Hall

Requesting Permission to Reprint material from an Equinox Book or Journal

Please download and complete this form and email, fax or post to us to request permission to republish in a book, coursepack, brochure/pamphlet, CD-Rom/DVD, journal/magazine, newsletter, newspaper, coursepack, email, or on an intranet or internet site or contact Val Hall with all the details of your request.

You can also use this form to request permission to reprint an article from an Equinox journal.

You can also use the services of your national copyright agency such as the Copyright Clearance Center in the USA