Equinox Journal Packages

We offer online-only subject packages at highly discounted rates to libraries and we are also offering the option designing a ‘bespoke’ electronic packages if a library wishes to substitute journals across subject areas. Some features of our packages include:

  • any new journal that we add to a subject package that you subscribe to is automatically added to your package as a gratis subscription until your contract expires.
  • contracts are for 3 years and prices are frozen during that period
  • any APCs (article processing fees) to be incurred by individuals from your institution for open access publishing in an Equinox journal will be discounted by 20%
  • additional discounts for libraries also subscribing to an Equinox eBook package.

To discuss our standard packages or if you are interested in designing a specific one for your institution, please contact Ailsa Parkin.

Download Online Package Rates and Information