By Eve Hooper

An Archaeology of the Iron Curtain: Material and Metaphor. By Anna McWilliams, Södertörns Högskola, 2013. Paperback, 252 pp. ISBN 978-9-186-06978-0.

Minnen från vår samtid: Arkeologi, materialitet och samtidshistoria (English: Memories of our Time: Archaeology, Materiality and Contemporary History). By Maria Persson, Gothenburg University, 2014. Hardback, 329 pp. ISBN 978-9-185-24555-0.

Archaeology of the contemporary past is not merely a thriving field of research but also an increasingly established field, as reflected in the Journal of Contemporary Archaeology as well as in a growing number of dissertations completed within its scope. The present theses of McWilliams and Persson are good examples of this: brilliant …read more