We publish two journals that focus on food — one archaeological and the other with a humanities and social history slant:

AFF-2514-8370-largePetits Propos Culinaires (PPC) was founded in 1979 by Alan Davidson, editor of the Oxford Companion to Food and his wife, Jane, also a food historian, aided by a circle of friends including Elizabeth David, Richard Olney, Claudia Roden, Jane Grigson, Harold McGee, and Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz.  It publishes 3 issues per year. The articles include work by food and social historians, linguists, historians of publishing history, librarians, literary historians, social scientists as well as non-affiliated experts on gastronomic matters.

The Archaeology of Food and Foodways began publishing 2022. It is the only archaeological journal devoted to these topics and produces two issues per volume year.