Announcing the Equinox Religion Library

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We are working on a new online library and will be launching with the South & East Asia Religions Collection in September, 2022.

The Library is designed to support users at all stages of their pursuits, from undergraduates to postgraduates and beyond. This dynamic project will eventually encompass all our digital publications in religious studies allowing users to discover and access content from multiple sources -- whole books, book chapters, journal articles and reference book entries.

Instructors who have adopted certain of our textbooks, such as those in the Religion in 5 Minutes series and whose institutions have purchased the South & East Asia Collection will have access to the interactive editions of these books where they can create private reading groups so that students can annotate, comment and share. They will also be able to create supplemental reading lists from any of the more than 2000 unique resources (i.e. journal articles, book chapters, reference entries) that already make up the SEA Collection.

The SEA Collection concentrates on those distinctively East, South Asian or Indic religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism and also includes studies of these religions in diaspora, and their reception in the West, as well as emerging or "established" new religions in the region. It also includes material on other, non-Indic religious traditions and communities such as Islam, Christianity, Indigenous traditions and historical and contemporary inter-religious contact and change in the region.

The SEA (and other collections) will be updated immediately upon publication of any new relevant material. For example, when the journal Fieldwork in Religion publishes a paper on a relevant topic, it will also appear as part of the SEA Collection within 24 hours.

For more information, please contact Val Hall

More About the South & East Asia Collection

We publish the journal Buddhist Studies Review on behalf of the UK Association for Buddhist Studies. Many of our other  journals in religious studies also publish articles dealing with Buddhism — try the search function on this page to discover related content across all our books and journals.

Much, but not all, of our book publishing in Buddhist Studies is conducted through our two book series, Eastern Buddhist Voices and The Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies Monographs. If you have a project appropriate for either of these series, please contact the series editor in the first instance.

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