The breadth of Johnston’s reading and research on display here is simply staggering. In addition to his deep familiarity with over a millennium of Islamic commentary on the Qur’an, he also brings to this project a range of insights drawn from the disciplines of sociology, economics, politics, and philosophy, as well as from hermeneutics and from both Muslim and Christian theology.
Stephen J. Davis, Yale University, USA

Johnston offers a possible rapprochement between Christians, Muslims, Jews, and indeed, the whole human family, based on insightful Christian and Islamic readings of sacred texts … .
David Naugle, Dallas Baptist University, USA

A brilliant example of profound scholarship that connects with social and political realities. Trusteeship is not just a concept that will enhance Christian- Muslim relations. It offers a sound and solid foundation for the articulation of our common humanity. Johnston has brought all these elements together in this magnificent work.
Chandra Muzaffar, Nordin Sopiee Professor of Global Studies,Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia