The major contribution of this volume is that it illustrates the potential of translation studies for interdisciplinary research. The variety of approaches explored by each of the chapters is inspiring, and it will certainly provide food for thought both to the novice and the expert reader. Despite the diversity of style, structure, topic, and accessibility (in terms of expertise required from the reader), all of the articles contribute to the methodological innovation and empirical development that translation studies is currently going through. In this respect, this volume hits the nail right on the head, in reflecting an up-to-date and undoubtedly refreshing account of the field as it is shifting towards interdisciplinarity and empiricism.
International Journal of Corpus Linguistics

The contributions are so varied in approach and rich in information, that they can undoubtedly inspire other researchers in the field of descriptive translation studies.
The Journal of Specialised Translation

Future empirical research featuring multiple theoretical perspectives will definitely be inspired by the contributions in this volume. The range and variety of materials used for empirical translation studies should also be highlighted.