In this comprehensive and highly accessible textbook, author Neil Evan Jon Anthony Bowen has provided us with invaluable content and activities that successfully connect English L2 writing theory and practice from a global perspective. Filled with brilliant illustrations, exercises, and sample writing, this textbook is a go-to manual for all TESOL undergraduate writing researchers and practitioners interested in understanding how an experienced researcher-practitioner such as Bowen utilizes the process-genre approach to teach ESL and EFL essay writing.
Professor Jim McKinley, Institute of Education, University College London’s Faculty of Education and Society

This book is the result of an impeccable combination of reflective professional knowledge and a deep theoretical understanding of second language writing. It answers recent calls in the field of English Language Teaching for more teaching-informed resources, which have students’ needs at the forefront. The book also addresses the urgent need for materials that are more contextually-relevant to students who are learning English outside the Anglosphere.
Heath Rose, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Department of Education, Vice-Principal, Linacre College, University of Oxford

While most writing textbooks aim to help students become competent writers, Essential Knowledge and Skills for Essay Writing goes one step further. By looking in depth at the various decisions that underpin a finished text, Neil Bowen’s book can help students become proficient writers. The variety of writing issues covered in the book is impressive. In terms of the essay as product, the topics range from the micro-details of sentence structure and nuanced vocabulary choice to the rhetorical structure of essays such as using plots to drive narratives and integrating Toulmin elements into an argument. In addition, useful tips on the writing process from the purposes of the various drafts through to revising the final essay are provided.
To help students navigate and engage with the wide range of topics,
Essential Knowledge and Skills for Essay Writing makes extensive use of models of writing. The models chosen include the standard literary texts but effective use is also made of real student essays which show the book’s target students that proficient writing is achievable. The model texts are analysed in clear and productive ways to show how various writing purposes can be achieved. Importantly, and one of the key tenets of the book, these texts and the writing tasks in the books should be intrinsically interesting and relevant to much of the book’s audience. For teachers of writing to advanced students, Essential Knowledge and Skills for Essay Writing warrants serious consideration as a textbook to guide students to become highly proficient writers.
Richard Watson Todd, Associate Professor, School of Liberal Arts, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

Bowen’s book addresses the needs of the intelligent, engaged English language learner. He goes beyond just indicating how to formulate accurate English sentences at the more advanced level – he explains why.
This is a treasure-trove of insights into the workings of English that learners will find enjoyable and enlightening. It unifies the challenges of learning a second language with those of constructing effective text, so learners can become good writers as well as accurate ones. The book also offers guidance on how to identify the main messages in texts, to enhance more effective reading and comprehension.
With separate sections on different genres of writing, the book can meet its readers where they are, and guide them to what they most need to know.

Professor Alison Wray Centre for Language and Communication Research, Cardiff University