On the surface, the book appears more cultural studies than religious studies, but this is in fact the book's greatest strength: the essays force us not only to recognise the persuasiveness of origins narratives, but also to consider how intertwined religion is with the other social institutions.
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My department has a new website, with updated faculty photos. If you have known me for awhile, you might notice that my hair is a bit longer, now past my shoulders. By comparing photos of me as a faculty member, or even as a [...]

Wed, Jul 05, 2017
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In the Fall of 1980 I was traveling home by bus from my first year as an undergrad, going for a long weekend visit. I was attending Queen's University, in Kingston, Ontario, partway between Montreal and Toronto, so I changed buses in Toronto to make it home, not far from [...]

Thu, Jun 29, 2017
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Do you know about the Paris-based singer ALA.NI…?


Well, you can visit her site to learn more about her new album, “You and I,” or give her a listen here:

There was an interesting interview with her on the radio this morning, where, in [...]

Mon, Jun 12, 2017
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