On the surface, the book appears more cultural studies than religious studies, but this is in fact the book's greatest strength: the essays force us not only to recognise the persuasiveness of origins narratives, but also to consider how intertwined religion is with the other social institutions.
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Two lead characters in the Eurovision movie after they complete their duet performance

I watched the new Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell movie on Netflix this weekend, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. And then I saw some comments on social media and even online reviews about how unfunny it was. They struck me as entirely missing the point, since I [...]

Mon, Jun 29, 2020
Source: Culture on the Edge
US protesting the murder of George Floyd

There are times — often unexpected and sometimes rare — when a situation arises that makes profoundly evident how groups represent the world to their members in a manner that supports their interests.

Such a moment made the rounds on social media this weekend, when then US Secretary of Defense, Donald [...]

Mon, Jun 01, 2020
Source: Culture on the Edge
Photo of kitchen counter and above cupboard with coffee maker on the counter

I was putting some clean dishes away the other morning and got to thinking about structure and agency, about how chance relationships become normative patterns — and the choices we make within parameters we never intended.

You see, our kitchen has a small piece of countertop over the microwave, next to [...]

Fri, May 29, 2020
Source: Culture on the Edge